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Real-life Savings: Goby Walnut Products
Real-life Savings
Sustainable wood purveyor reclaims energy with new lighting
Real-life Savings: Goby Walnut Products

Goby Walnut & Western Hardwoods salvages diseased or dead trees and turns them into reclaimed wood and lumber for use in furniture, cabinetry and construction. Owner Art Blumenkron, who bikes to work and was one of the first Portlanders to sign up for an all-electric car, is a firm believer in getting the most use out of anything — for both financial and environmental reasons.

So he was enthusiastic about joining Portland General Electric’s Save More, Matter More™ campaign, which helps businesses save energy through improved efficiency.

Efficient in more ways than one
The first step was to upgrade the lighting in his 9,000-square-foot warehouse and retail showroom. “We have high ceilings, and our old lights didn’t light the space well,” Blumenkron says. “There were lots of shadows. That made it tough to see the true color of the wood.” Staff would even have to carry large pieces of wood outside just to see well.

No more. Since the new high-efficiency T8 lights went up, everyone is noticing the difference. “The light pattern in the room is more like natural light,” Blumenkron says. “I was really surprised because we didn’t put in a ton of fixtures. It’s really even and it covers everything.”

Add that to the immediate energy savings and the fact they haven’t yet had to change a lamp on those high-ceilings, and the company’s new lights are a great fit for its sustainable, efficient ethics.

Real-life results at Goby Walnut & Western Hardwoods
Measures implemented
Estimated annual energy saving on $4280 project
  • 11,470 kilowatt hours (kWh) annually
  • Energy Trust of Oregon cash incentives: $1280
  • More functional, even and natural lighting
  • Increased productivity
  • Much lower maintenance
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