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Port Westward II
Port Westward Unit 2
Port Westward II

Portland General Electric’s Beaver and Port Westward natural gas-fired generating plants near Clatskanie play a vital role in PGE’s diverse family of resources, helping us provide a reliable and efficient source of electricity for the region.

Integrated Resource Plan & competitive bidding process
To ensure we are able to meet our customers’ ongoing electricity requirements, PGE conducts a rigorous analytical and public process called the Integrated Resource Plan every few years.

The goal of the IRP process is to examine and identify the best energy and capacity options to meet customer demand resources in the coming years. At the same time, we must continue to ensure we maintain a diverse, safe and reliable supply of electricity; are responsible stewards of the environment; and serve as good corporate citizens in the communities where we live and work.

The plan outlined strategies to meet PGE customers’ electricity needs during the next 20 years, with a four-year action plan for acquisition of new resources to begin implementing those strategies. Included in that plan was the recommendation to bring online additional natural gas-fired generation with state-of-the-art turbines and pollution controls to serve existing demand, meet additional load growth and maintain reliability standards. PGE’s proposal for the Port Westward Unit 2 plant was selected as the successful bid in the competitive request for proposal process.

Port Westward Unit 2
Port Westward Unit 2 will be an important, versatile resource to meet customers’ current and future needs. The new natural gas plant will be a highly efficient and environmentally responsible facility designed for maximum flexibility to help meet real-time fluctuations in customer demand and integrate variable renewable resources like wind and solar into PGE’s system. It will also serve as a “peaking” resource during periods of high demand, helping maintain system reliability.

Construction on the plant will create up to 200 temporary jobs. The 220-megawatt plant will be located adjacent to PGE’s existing natural gas-fired Port Westward and Beaver plants in Columbia County. We expect the new plant to be online in 2015.

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