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Energy Tracker
Use our online tool to help you understand and control your electricity usage.
Compare your usage

Compare your usage
Analyze your bill

Analyze your bill
Find ways to save

Find ways to save

Free energy monitoring is only a click away
Energy TrackerSM is available for residential and businesses accounts, and it already exists on your account. Simply register or sign in to your account to get started. It’s an easy way to monitor, understand and control your energy use.

How Energy Tracker works
Powered by smart meter data, Energy Tracker provides easy-to-understand charts and analysis to show you when and how your home uses energy, and it helps you create a custom savings plan. Average customers can save up to 10 percent through low-cost and no-cost improvements alone!*

Easy to use — Take a tour

Stay on top of your energy use — no surprises
Right on your Account Summary, you’ll see your bill amount so far this month and an estimated total for your next bill. This makes it easy to stay on top of your electricity use and avoid surprises.**

Get bill alerts
Choose email or text alerts to see how much electricity you’ve used each week — or to be notified if your bill hits a dollar amount you’ve chosen.

Examine daily usage to spot ways to save
Simple charts show your usage by month, week, day and hour.† Also see how your energy use is impacted by the average daily temperature. This helps you see when you’re using the most energy, and see how weather, houseguests or other variables affect your energy use.

Compare bills
See at a glance how your bill has changed since last month or the same time last year.

See your energy use by category
Knowing where you’re spending the most energy dollars — such as lighting or heating and cooling — helps you focus your savings efforts. You can also compare how your energy use stacks up against similar homes.

Create a savings plan
Set a savings goal and generate a custom plan to help you reach it. Detailed action steps show you how to cut energy waste without sacrificing comfort.

Connect with cash incentives
Get information on Energy Trust of Oregon cash incentives that make energy-efficiency improvements more affordable.

*Your actual savings may vary depending on circumstances.

**Energy usage to date is unavailable for a few days right around the end of one billing cycle and the start of the next.
Historical data is available for a 13-month rolling period. Data for new accounts will be available after two billing cycles.

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