Work with Multiple Accounts

If you have a number of properties or facilities, you can streamline transactions for multiple accounts. Just enroll or sign in to:

Create and Work with Account Groups

Group accounts for easy viewing and analysis. Each user can create unique groups without impacting accounts.

View & Download Bills

Get secure access to a bill summary for all accounts and to bills by account and meter number. Download billing costs and usage for any group into an Excel spreadsheet.

Make One-check Payments

Use just one check to pay up to 1,000 account bills. This works best if all your bills are due around the same time of the month. Learn more.

Pricing Plans

Learn about your pricing options.

Market-Based Pricing

Depending on your organization’s management strategy, you may also want to consider a market-based pricing plan, where you can choose who you buy electricity from, and for how long.

Ways to Pay

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Don’t get scammed

PGE employees will never ask you for payment information over the phone. Learn more.

Need help working with multiple accounts?

Call our Business Services Team at 800-822-1077.