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Consolidated Bill

Combine 3 or more accounts into 1 bill

You can create a Consolidated Bill account group to combine three or more accounts – even a mix of residential and business accounts.*

How does it work?

A Consolidated Bill must contain at least three accounts. If you have:

  • 10 or fewer accounts, you’ll be billed on one cycle and require one monthly payment.
  • More than 10 accounts, you’ll be rolled into two separate billing cycles, which may require two payments each month.

How do I enroll?

You can enroll accounts individually or from existing account groups, in a Consolidated Bill, provided the accounts are active, have established credit and are in good standing. You can include any accounts from these groups, and your original account groups will remain unaffected and independent of the Consolidated Bill. To get started, login to your account.

*Exception: Accounts on a Direct Access rate schedule (you purchase power through an Energy Service Supplier). These rate schedules start with a “5.”

Did you know? Did you know?

You can easily manage, analyze and pay bills for up to 1,000 accounts with one check, without signing up for Consolidated Bill.

Create and work with account groups

Group accounts for easy viewing and analysis. Each user can create unique groups without impacting accounts.

Need help working with multiple accounts?

Call our Business Services Team at 800-822-1077.