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Incentive Programs
Incentive Programs
Take advantage of the financial incentives offered through Energy Trust of Oregon.
Incentive Programs

Energy Trust of Oregon provides cash incentives to help businesses invest in energy-efficiency measures that save them money and energy and improve their business operations. Energy Trust’s Business Energy Solutions programs provide incentives for all types of commercial and industrial facilities.

Existing Buildings
If you own a commercial building, investing in energy-efficiency or renewable energy can help you offset rising energy prices for years to come. Energy Trust incentives make the investment pencil out — whether you’re upgrading lighting, tuning up your mechanical systems or installing a solar energy system. Visit Energy Trust of Oregon’s Existing Buildings page to learn more.

New Buildings
High-efficiency, sustainably designed buildings are good for business and the planet. Energy Trust can help make your commercial new construction or major renovation project more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly with cash incentives for energy modeling, and high-efficiency equipment, including high-efficiency lighting, lighting controls, motors, air conditioners, heat pumps, air-to-air heat exchangers, chillers, demand- control ventilation and variable speed drives. Visit Energy Trust of Oregon’s New Buildings page to learn more.

Industry and Ag
Reducing energy costs is a wise business choice. But finding the capital, staff and time to identify and implement energy-efficient projects can be a challenge. Energy Trust offers energy-efficiency services for industrial processes of all kinds — including manufacturing, agricultural and water/wastewater treatment. Also, Energy Trust can fund studies to identify energy-saving opportunities and provide financial incentives to help you implement them. Visit Energy Trust of Oregon’s Industry and Ag page to learn more.

Increasing the energy-efficiency of your multifamily property is a win-win scenario, especially with the help of cash incentives. Once you install or replace existing equipment with energy-efficient choices, you’ll have lower maintenance costs, increased tenant retention, healthier indoor air quality and a higher resale value. Energy-efficient choices also increase your tenants’ comfort and reduce their energy costs. Visit Energy Trust of Oregon’s Multifamily page to learn more.

New Home Solutions
ENERGY STAR homes are built for energy savings and comfort, which means lower energy costs, improved comfort and indoor air quality, and fewer emissions that contribute to global warming. ENERGY STAR qualified builders use efficient construction techniques and high-performance products, from the windows, doors, appliances and lighting to the heating and cooling system. Energy Trust cash incentives help builders offset a portion of the investment costs for energy-efficiency measures. Visit Energy Trust of Oregon’s New Homes page to learn more.

Renewable Energy
Tap into clean, green renewable energy with a solar electric system for your business. Investing in solar energy lowers your energy costs, while demonstrating your commitment to curb global warming. Energy Trust offers cash incentives that can be combined with state and federal tax credits, making solar energy more affordable than you think. Once your up-front investment is paid back, your system will deliver pollution-free electricity for years to come. Visit Energy Trust of Oregon’s Renewable Energy page to learn more.

To learn more about Energy Trust’s Business Energy Solutions programs and how to participate call 866-368-7878.
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