What is Energy Partner?

During hot summer and cold winter days, we all use more electricity, putting pressure on the grid, energy prices and the environment.

To help keep power reliable, affordable and sustainable, PGE pays participating business customers* to reduce or shift their energy needs during these peak periods*.

In other words, for every kilowatt you don’t use, you get paid. And you’re always in complete control of your energy. Check out our video to learn more:

*You must be able to shift a certain minimum amount of energy to qualify for Energy Partner.

Learn how you could benefit

PGE has hired demand-response industry leader EnerNOC, Inc. to help you determine the best shifting and reduction strategies as well as the everyday energy saving opportunity for your business.

To find out how Energy Partner could help your business’s bottom line, sign up for a free, no-obligation assessment. It takes just a couple of hours to discuss your unique needs and situation, and you may be surprised at how small changes can add up to big savings.

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See how your peers earn money while taking control of their energy use and what they think of working with PGE and EnerNOC.

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