Energy Performance Reporting FAQ

Learn more about Portland’s energy performance reporting requirements.

Q. How do I know if I have an obligation to comply with Portland's reporting ordinance?

  • Commercial buildings 20,000 square feet and over must annually comply with the city’s ordinance.

To confirm if your building is included or excluded from the city’s ordinance, refer to Portland’s Energy Performance Reporting page.

Q. How do I request my energy usage data?

Refer to the PGE Energy Performance page for details.

Q. How can I obtain my meter numbers

Meter numbers can be found on your monthly PGE bill or on the front panel of the meter, immediately below the digital display. Refer to the PGE Energy Reporting page for more details.

Q. How do I obtain my building ID number?

You can look up the information on the city building ID portal.

Q. How do I get energy usage data for my tenants?

Be sure to include all tenant meter numbers in your data request.

If you have four or fewer tenants directly billed by PGE, include the signed PGE Tenant Release Forms for each tenant. Release forms previously sent to PGE are kept on file, so you are only required to send release forms for new tenants or tenants not previously submitted to PGE, including any that vacated the premises in the previous calendar year.

Q. Why are releases required for buildings with four or fewer tenants billed directly by PGE?

The ordinance requires tenants with separately metered spaces to authorize the building owner access to monthly energy usage data directly from the utility. In the case of a very limited number of tenants, energy usage may more easily be attributed to a particular tenant or tenants, so PGE requires signed Tenant Release Forms for customers directly billed by PGE to ensure customer confidentiality.

Q. What format will the consumption data be provided in?

Electricity consumption data will be provided in kilowatt hours (kWh) and aggregated for the whole building in a format compatible for uploads directly into ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager.

Q. Why does PGE send aggregate building data rather than meter specific data?

Aggregate usage data is required for the entire building to give it an ENERGY STAR rating and to comply with the city of Portland’s ordinance.

Additionally, due to privacy laws, building owners do not have the right to automatically receive specific meter data for an account that belongs to a tenant.

Q. Can I receive electricity consumption data after April 22?

Yes. Email the PGE energy reporting administrator with a request including the Building ID you require the data for. If your building has four or fewer tenants directly billed by PGE, you will also need to submit tenant release forms.

Q. Where do I go if I have other questions?

For questions on your electricity consumption data, email the PGE energy reporting administrator or call 800-822-1077.