PGE Renewable Development Fund

Funding is available for local renewable projects through our RFP process

PGE Renewable Development Fund

Since 1999, customers of Portland General Electric have supported clean energy by participating in the utility’s suite of renewable power programs. Their contributions have helped fund more than 7.8 MW of new renewable energy generation currently installed in Oregon, with another 3 MW under construction. Today, PGE’s renewable power program is the most successful of its kind in the country. Starting in 2016, PGE launched a new offering to further leverage customer green power funds. The Renewable Development Fund offers competitive funding awards to applicants deploying their own clean energy projects.

The first 19 projects were selected in 2016 from a wide variety of categories, including:
Housing: $1,288,800
Schools: $172,800
Nonprofits: $1,320,996
State and local municipalities: $4,162,648
Total: $6,945,244

We are still finalizing contracts but will share more details about each project as soon as possible.

Eligible Projects

RDF awards will be available to help fund the following project types:

  • New, qualifying renewable energy projects including wind, solar PV, geothermal, certified Low Impact Hydro Institute hydroelectric, pipeline or irrigation canal hydroelectric, wave or tidal energy, and low emissions biomass based on digester methane gas or solid organic fuels.
  • Educational components directly associated with existing renewable projects previously funded by the PGE Renewable Development Fund or projects currently being proposed for RDF funding.

Preferred Projects

Projects meeting the following criteria may be given priority:

  • Projects sited within PGE service territory and/or owned by a PGE customer.
  • Projects hosted by a public or non-profit entity, or in partnership with such an entity.
  • Projects hosted by or benefitting multi-family and low-income housing developments.
  • Projects that provide a substantial educational benefit to the community.
  • Projects that provide significant environmental and economic benefits to local communities and PGE customers.
  • Projects where the applicant has demonstrated efforts to obtain all other available funding sources, including incentives, grants, tax credits, in-kind donations, or other creative efforts.

Funding Process

PGE will make funds available through an open and competitive application process. Applications will be reviewed and evaluated by third-party vendors in accordance with eligibility guidelines, preferred project standards, and established evaluation criteria. Award funding is limited and will differ from project to project based on applicant request and available funding.

This process is overseen by the Portfolio Options Committee, a group of stakeholders representing groups including Citizens Utility Board, Renewable Northwest Project, Oregon Public Utility Commission and Oregon Department of Energy. The Committee will submit an annual report to the Oregon Public Utility Commission that details how the awarded funds have been allocated.

Interested applicants are encouraged to submit questions to Applicant questions and PGE responses will be publicly posted to the Applicant Q&A document on a regular basis throughout the application period.

Past projects funded by the PGE Renewable Development Fund

Portland Public Schools: Solar Installation 2015

More than 4,000 solar panels on six schools generate renewable energy for the schools and provide an energy education opportunity for students.

OMSI: Solar Installation 2010

The first of its kind in the U.S., a solar canopy in the south parking lot harnesses solar power to recharge everything from personal electronics to electric vehicles. 

Oregon Solar Highway: 2008

The Baldock solar highway project on I-5 near Wilsonville has almost 7,000 panels and generates almost 9 percent of ODOT’s energy needs in PGE’s operating area.

Habitat for Humanity: Solar installation 2006

Produces 1.1 kW of power for a Habitat for Humanity house in North Portland.

Oregon State Capitol Building: Solar Installation 2002

Provides solar power to the grid and lights the 8.5-ton bronze and gold-leaf Oregon Pioneer statue atop the capitol in Salem.