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Classroom Support
Classroom Support
PGE supports teachers with a host of resources for energy and safety education
Classroom Support

Since PGE makes electricity, it’s only natural that we’re committed to educating kids about using electricity safely and wisely. Schools in the PGE service area can take advantage of curriculum materials, live performances, interactive websites, speakers and tours — all offered free of charge.

Curriculum materials
Each fall, local teachers, principals and PTAs are sent information on the free curriculum materials available from PGE. Our selection includes two recent additions: “Energy for Today and Tomorrow” and “Energy Efficiency World.” We urge you to take advantage of what we offer:
  • Age-appropriate books — filled with stories, games and experiments
  • Comprehensive teacher’s guides — provided with each order
  • All materials meet Oregon state education standards
  • Easy online ordering — a few clicks and it’s delivered free to your classroom.
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Live performances
PGE provides hundreds of live performances for schools each year. Schools can request a presentation with our online request form. Topics include:

Safety Education: Pedro’s Path to Power (Grades K-3)
PGE has partnered with Oregon Children’s Theatre to create this interactive musical show sprinkled with Spanish that teaches students to make smart, safe, choices. Watch a video video preview and see what lessons kids learn from the show. Learn how to bring the show to your school.

Safety education: Don’t Touch It (Grades 1-4)
In this live presentation of the PGE TV commercial, children learn the five most important rules of electrical safety around downed utility lines. Most effective with a maximum of 70 students. Length can be adjusted from 35-55 minutes. To schedule, call 503-612-3703.

Safety education: Hazard Hamlet (Grades 1-5)
This interactive presentation demonstrates electrical hazards around the home and neighborhood, complete with realistic effects. This 30-minute presentation is tailored to a classroom setting. To schedule, call 503-464-8554.

Using energy wisely: Energy to Share (Grades 4-6)
Energy to Share is an entertaining, energetic show that features the attributes of electricity, where it comes from, how it travels to us, and how to use it wisely. “Scientists” in lab coats, high-energy music, and engaging activities inspire an interest in energy and science, making it a favorite educational experience. Length: 30 minutes. Group size: 100-200. To schedule, call Mad Science at 503-230-8040.

Renewable Energy Education: Planet X (Grades 4-6)
This fun, high-energy show, presented Mad Science, teaches students about energy supply issues facing our planet, how to differentiate between renewable and non-renewable power sources and the importance of conserving energy. Group size: 75-200. To schedule, call Mad Science at 503-230-8040.

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Interactive energy education websites
PGE offers two education-focused websites that provide science experiments, games and other materials for use in and out of the classroom. Back to top

Speakers and hydro plant tours
PGE guest speakers talk to students about how power is created and distributed and the wise and efficient use of energy. Tours of PGE Clackamas River hydropower plants can also be arranged. Interested in scheduling a speaker or tour? Use our online request form.

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Careers in Energy
Have you ever considered a career in the energy industry? These careers are rewarding, exciting, challenging and well-paying. The video, Engineer Your Dreams, features PGE engineers and students they have worked with, and gives middle and high school students an introduction to the field of engineering.

School registration is now open for the 2015 Women in Trades Career Fair. This annual interactive event, sponsored by PGE, helps educate and inspire youth to explore career options in the building, construction, mechanical, electrical, utility and highway trades. The Fair is open to middle school girls on May 14 and high school girls on May 15, and is open to the public on May 16. Learn more and register.

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