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Our Programs
Our Programs
PGE sponsorships, grants, volunteerism and education programs make a difference.
Our Programs

At the corporate level, we invest resources in the community by sponsoring events that meet the needs of the community and align with our business goals. Review guidelines and apply online.

Employee contributions
PGE employees and retirees are generous with their time and money. They record nearly 40,000 volunteer hours annually, making them one of the most industrious corporate volunteer teams in Oregon. To recognize their volunteer efforts, PGE awards Community Service Grants to schools and nonprofits where our employees and retirees volunteer. PGE employees also contribute through PGE’s Employee Giving Campaign at a rate well above the national average. In 2013, the contributions of PGE employees combined with a 50 percent company match totaled $1.62 million.

Energy education
We offer K-12 schools in our service area a variety of resources to spark learning on electrical safety, energy efficiency and renewable power, including:
  • Free teaching materials
  • Live presentations for elementary and middle schools
  • Interactive energy education Web sites to reinforce classroom learning
  • Classroom speakers on electricity generation and distribution, as well as tours of PGE’s generating facilities

Learn more about our classroom support.

PGE Foundation
A separate nonprofit organization, The PGE Foundation expands the work of PGE’s community investment activities throughout Oregon. Charged with a mission to improve the life of Oregonians, the foundation focus areas include education; safe and healthy families; and arts & culture. The foundation donates about $1 million annually via grants to nonprofit groups in PGE’s operations area. To learn more about the foundation and its grant-making policies, please visit the PGE Foundation Web site.

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