Electrical service resources for new and remodeling construction

Start or upgrade your service, and learn about builder requirements

PGE is here to help all builders and contractors get their electric service as quickly as possible. We will walk you through the process and help you find out requirements for your particular project. We can help all builders, including:

  1. Residential new construction: You’re building a new home and need temporary power at your build site and/or permanent power for the new structure. Learn more information about starting electric service at your building site.
  2. Residential remodel or expansion: You’re adding to or remodeling an existing house—typically, a homeowner, a contractor and a subcontractor.
  3. Commercial: Your project is a commercial building with tenants with differing electrical requirements. These projects include multifamily structures as well as any non-residential outbuildings like barns, greenhouses, etc. Typically five to 10 people involved, including a general contractor, excavation company, electrician, etc.
  4. Enterprise/large commercial: Your project is a large corporate office building, manufacturing or processing facility, data center, etc. See business development information.

Electrical service requirements

When working with us to set up service at a new location or to upgrade an existing service, please note that:

  • All trenches and conduits must be inspected by PGE before backfilling.
  • All conduits must have a non-conductive pull line, minimum 500-pound rated, installed before the PGE inspection, with 6 feet extending from each end.

For full details, please see PGE’s Electric Service Requirements.

Establishing service: The process

Establishing service: The process

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