Electrical Service for Residential Builders

Whether you’re building one home or a subdivision, we’re here to help

How it works: The process for requesting new or upgraded electrical service

1. Submit request for service form.

Once you have determined which type of service you need, submit your request online and a service and design project manager will review it and get back to you.

The form should include: connected load in kilowatts (kW), load schedule, site plans, landscaping plans, and other critical details so the service and design project manager can complete their review.

Note that the project can’t begin until we receive all your documentation.

2. Obtain any necessary permits.

You will need to get building and electrical permits from the city or county, as well as easements and tree-trimming permits if required.

3. One of our service and design project managers (SDPMs) will contact you shortly after we receive your request.

The project can’t begin until we receive complete documentation. Your SDPM will outline what’s needed based on your specific project.

Once we have all your documents, we will design service for your site, which may take up to 60 days depending on the specifics of the project.

4. Arrange a pre-construction meeting.

Once you have worked with your project manager to design service, contact us to arrange a pre-construction meeting between the excavation contractor and us at the site.

5. Complete trench, vault and conduit work.

Before digging a trench, consult our trench checklist for residential or commercial construction and check with your assigned project manager for design approval.

Call 811 or visit Call Before You Dig to locate existing underground utilities before digging. This service is free.

Right-of-way excavation must be performed by a PGE approved contractor. Your SDPM can supply you with information about approved contractors in your area.

6. We inspect all services, trenches and conduits, and then complete construction of electrical service and install the meter.

After all construction work is completed and we inspect and approve the design and work, we will schedule the connection of service within 5 to 10 business days. To ensure you’re ready, take a look at our final inspection checklist before scheduling your inspection.

Make sure the work site is clear and safe before the inspector arrives.

Request residential service

To begin the process of getting new residential service or for a remodel project where you current have residential service, select the first form below. For a subdivision, select the second.

After you submit your form, we’ll email you shortly with further information and instructions.

If you are requesting temporary service, note that for installations after Jan. 1, 2019, the price for Gold Temporary Service will increase from $275 to $430, metered overhead temporary service from $355 to $490 and metered underground temporary service from $300 to $450. The price has increased to offset the cost of installation.

Request temporary service

If desired, you can request temporary service from PGE for your build project. Learn about temporary service options.

For residential builders: Frequently asked questions

Can my electricity trench also accommodate other utility lines?

Yes, natural gas, telephone, TV and internet cable may be placed in the same trench as long as the lines are separated to specified distances.

In some cases, private electric lines, such as those from a house to a gate, or private water lines, may also be installed in the trench. One of our SDPMs (service and design project managers) can provide this information.

See the full Residential Builder FAQ.