Request for Single Family Residential Service (Design)

Use the below form to request residential service upgrade
  1. This form requires that you attach a site plan file in PDF format.

    The site plan should show preferred ground-level service and meter location, along with a detailed drawing of switchgear and electrical room specifications, if applicable.

    1. (See example site plan)

    Applicant Information

  2. Billing Information

  3. Service Information

    New Permanent Service

    Existing Service

  4. New Connected Load

  5. Cost of design changes because of inadequate or inaccurate information will be the responsibility of the property owner or electrician. Load data forms without plans may be delayed or not processed. Site grading, utility and landscaping plans are required to complete PGE electrical design.

  6. PGE asks that all construction materials be cleared from temporary location before crews install the temporary service.

  7. By clicking submit, I agree to the terms and conditions of PGE construction service requirements.

    I also understand that data submitted via this form will be transmitted by email and will not be encrypted until it is entered into the PGE system.

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