Claims FAQ

Please review the information on this page carefully before completing the claim form, as it may affect your decision to file a claim.

How does the process start?

Your information will be entered into our system as a first notice of claim. PGE will investigate how the incident occurred to determine whether or not PGE is responsible, including consulting with PGE subject matter experts. The length of time to complete the investigation will depend on the complexity of the event in question.

Once the cause of the event has been established, PGE can make a determination whether we can accept or deny your damage claim.

When is PGE not responsible?

PGE’s responsibility does not extend to damages that PGE did not cause. For example, PGE is not responsible for damages caused by:

  • Weather-related conditions such as wind, lightning, heat, snow, ice or flooding
  • Bird, squirrel or other animal contacts with equipment
  • Equipment failure
  • External causes, such as automobile accidents, falling trees or tree limbs, or construction activities

When is PGE responsible?

It is PGE’s responsibility to fairly compensate you for damages that happen because of negligence on our part.

What are my responsibilities?

You are responsible to minimize your loss. This means you should take reasonable steps to keep your loss from getting worse, making sure that expenses do not accumulate needlessly.

You also have a responsibility to preserve the evidence, including items such as receipts, estimates, photographs and other information related to your claim.

If your claim involves food spoilage, please be advised that food spoilage claims are evaluated based on guidelines from the U.S. Department of Agriculture:

  • A fully stocked freezer will usually keep food frozen for 2 days after losing power, if the door remains closed.
  • A half-full freezer will usually keep food frozen about 1 day, if the door remains closed.
  • Food will usually stay cold in a refrigerator up to 4 hours, if the door remains closed.

What do I need to provide?

Please complete the PGE claim form as thoroughly as possible and provide the appropriate supporting documentation so that we can understand your claim and process it more quickly.

Appropriate supporting documentation includes: repair estimates, repair invoices, original purchase receipts and invoices, sale receipts, replacement item receipts and invoices, appraisals, photos, tax records, bank statements, etc.

What are my claim options?

PGE evaluates all claims fairly. If we are responsible, we will pay for the reasonable cost to repair damaged items. If you have replaced items, we will pay you the actual cash value of the original item, which is determined by today’s replacement cost minus depreciation.

We do not owe for replacement cost. You may wish to refer your claim to your insurance company, which may be able to pay replacement values for damaged items.

PGE is committed to evaluating all claims in a responsive and fair manner to help promptly resolve your claim. We appreciate your patience in allowing us sufficient time to look into this matter on your behalf.