PGE-authorized Payment Locations

Find hundreds of convenient, secure locations where you can pay your bill in cash


If you want to pay your bill in person when you’re out running errands, you have two options for PGE-authorized payment locations:

How it works

  • Bring your PGE bill with you
  • Pay with cash, up to $600. (Some Western Union locations also accept debit cards.)
  • Your payment will be posted within two business days.
  • You’ll receive a receipt with an official payment-confirmation number for your records.
  • If your bill was past due, call PGE Customer Service and provide the confirmation number to prevent disconnection or to get reconnected.

Fixed service fee

Both Western Union and CheckFreePay charge a flat $1.50 service fee. There are no hidden costs.

Payment only

Your account information is confidential. The Western Union and CheckFreePay representatives do not have access to your records.


Call us at 800-542-8818.

Other ways to pay

Pay your bill online or through our automated phone system with your checking account, credit card or debit card.

You can also pay in person at any PGE Customer Service location.