Clackamas Habitat Restoration

PGE habitat restoration

As part of our license to operate generation plants on the Clackamas River, we conduct habitat restoration projects to help native fish and other wildlife along the Clackamas.

These projects include:

  • restoring wetlands
  • planting and shading riparian areas
  • controlling runoff
  • restoring instream habitat

Its work we care deeply about, and are excited to share with you.

  • McIver Park Side Channel Project
  • Clackamas Shade Tree Program
  • Oak Grove Fork Project

Clackamas Fund

We also support habitat restoration and preservation projects through the $8 million Clackamas River Hydroelectric Project Mitigation and Enhancement Fund.

The Clackamas Fund grants a total of $8 million through the year 2030 to conservation organizations, governmental agencies and landholders, to acquire land and water rights and improve habitat in areas where native anadromous and non-anadromous fish migrate, spawn and rear.

Funding cycles

The first round of funding totaling $500,000 was distributed in 2013; the second round of awards will be distributed in 2016 and will total almost $3.5 million. 2020 is the next funding cycle of applications and awards.

For more information, see the Clackamas Fund implementation plan* or contact John Esler in PGE Hydro Licensing by email or at 503-464-8563.

*Note that the funding dates listed in the plan have shifted based on the date the license was actually issued.

Clackamas Habitat Restoration