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Our Principles & Pillars

Just like our customers, we call Oregon home

Maybe it’s because we live here and raise our families here, or maybe it’s just because we’re a diverse group of people who care about doing lasting, sustainable work.

People, Planet & Performance

Either way, we strive to prioritize people, planet and performance in all our business decisions. In some places we’ve made progress; in others, we have more work to do.

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We organize our corporate responsibility approach, and how we measure success, by core values, or “pillars.”

Customer Value

Our customers are at the center of everything we do. It’s that simple. And our customer satisfaction surveys consistently indicate that approach is making a difference.

That’s why customer value is our first pillar, measured at its core by reliability and reasonable prices. Services like helping people manage their energy costs or use more renewable power, and innovations that empower customers, like those around the smart grid, take the concept of value farther.

Environmental Stewardship

PGE works hard to keep Oregon a great place to live, and reflect our customers’ values through our environmental initiatives, including habitat restoration, fish protection, increasing use of renewable power sources, supporting use of electric vehicles and more.

Learn more about our environmental initiatives.

Quality Workforce

Oregon’s future is only as good as our workforce, and we’re helping to develop and attract skilled, creative, educated and engaged people to power the region’s potential.

We focus on encouraging and training young men and women for the work of the future by supporting career technical education (CTE) programs that build trade skills, and engaging students in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) programs that foster critical thinking, imagination and perseverance.

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Within the company, we’re committed to employees’ safety and health and ongoing personal and professional development.

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Strong Communities

PGE and our employees continually seek to invest in our community through educational programs, volunteering, charitable giving and other initiatives.

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Financial Performance

We’re committed to delivering safe, reliable power at a reasonable cost, offering stable prices and providing strong shareholder return.

Visit our Investor Relations website to learn more.

Governance & Enterprise Risk Management

We are proud that 100 percent of our employees have affirmed our code of business ethics and conduct. And we are continually improving our enterprise risk management program.