Pillar 4: Responsible Management

Sustainability is about managing our core business responsibilities with a commitment to excellence, as well as innovating for the future

PGE’s Sustainability Report

Pillar 4 - Responsible Management

“Our commitment to excellence starts with operating ethically, efficiently and responsibly. Our customers can be assured we have their best interests in mind and we’re taking the best path forward to get there.”

Lisa Kaner, Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Compliance Officer

Story 1

Better together: Creating a sustainable, diverse supply chain

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we are focused on the impact of our supply chain and the hundreds of suppliers we partner with each and every day. Large or small, rural or urban, our suppliers understand that sustainability matters to us and the communities we serve.

To help us identify suppliers who share our commitment to sustainability, PGE’s Supply Chain department developed a new qualification program that reviews current and future suppliers based on sustainability, diversity and safety.

Through the deployment of this program, we aim to obtain a stronger understanding of our suppliers’ practices, including environmental impact and — by association — our own impacts. 

The new process will allow us to better track supplier emissions and build out an even stronger, long-term sustainability plan. As of August 2018, more than half of our suppliers are enrolled in the new program.

Story 2

New protocol for discovery of cultural resources

Oregon has a rich cultural history, and many historic artifacts are still being discovered. Due to the nature of our work, we periodically unearth cultural objects that may include prehistoric stone tools, historic artifacts like bottles, cans, plates and, on rare occasions, Native American burial goods or human remains.

In order to manage these inadvertently found cultural resources and to avoid unnecessary and unmanaged disturbance, we created a process for responding to the discovery of artifacts during excavation and other activities.

When a discovery is made, all work at the site temporarily stops, findings are recorded, and a report is filed. The discovery of cultural resources is reported through a PGE hotline (503-464-BONE), which provides direct assistance from PGE’s archaeologist if resources are unearthed. The hotline has since aided in the prompt and proper evaluation of finds that have ranged from a historic gravestone to bones.

What’s next

Connecting with investors beyond the bottom line

Many investors are now considering environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors alongside financial factors when making investment decisions. This strategy aligns with our approach, which considers the long-term impacts of our business decisions in three key areas: people, planet and performance.

We believe sustainability is about balancing the well-being of our communities and workers, along with the health of our planet and the performance of our company. Our 2017 Sustainability Report marks the fifth year we’ve voluntarily issued a report on our progress.

With the increased interest in sustainability from the investment community, the industry is now moving toward reporting this information to investors in a clearer and more concise way, and we’re no exception.

This year, we’re making a concerted effort to connect with our investors and understand how we can provide them important sustainability information in a valuable way. This will help the financial community evaluate PGE using a more holistic approach.

For more information, check out the Responsible Management section of our Key Metrics summary.