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Rights and Responsibilities
Know your rights and responsibilities

Here is a summary of your rights and responsibilities as an Oregon utility customer. Whether you are a new or existing customer of Portland General Electric, we welcome the opportunity to serve you. Your satisfaction is important to us.

If you have questions about your electric service, in Portland call us at 503-228-6322, in Salem call 503-399-7717 and in other areas call 800-542-8818. The TTY Relay for the hearing impaired is 800-735-2900.

The following summary was reviewed by the Oregon Public Utility Commission (OPUC). The matters described here apply only to the electricity services the OPUC regulates.

PGE’s main obligation is to provide you with safe and reliable services at rates approved by the OPUC. Your main obligations are to pay for the services you use, to not damage or tamper with PGE facilities, to notify PGE five days before you move, to contact us if you wish to change or add to your services or if you have a concern about your service.

You could be asked to pay a deposit. If a deposit is required, you may have the right to pay the deposit in several installments.

Third-party notices
You have the option to ask that another person receive your bills and notices if, for some reason, you are unable to receive or understand those bills and notices.

Customer responsibility to notify PGE
If you are the owner of a tenant-occupied rental property and pay the electricity bill in your name, you must notify PGE of this arrangement. PGE is obligated under the Oregon Administrative Rules to provide advance notice to the primary mailing address as well as the service address of a service disconnect. The duplicate notice to the tenant at the service address does not contain detailed account information or dollar amounts, only that they should contact their landlord to discuss the service.

Financial assistance
Several programs provide financial help, depending on your circumstances. The Low-Income Energy Assistance Program and the Oregon Energy Assistance Program provide funding to qualified customers who need help with their electric bill. Oregon HEAT, a nonprofit organization, distributes funds through local agencies to assist customers with bill payment in emergency situations.

Telephone Communication
By providing your phone number(s), you are consenting to PGE’s use of the phone numbers to communicate with you related to your service and account, for example, texts or recorded messages regarding outages or other account-related matters.

Disconnection notices
Before PGE can disconnect your service, they must notify you. PGE is required to give you a 15-day notice and another notice five days before disconnection. PGE must try to contact you in person or by phone prior to disconnection. Important information for non-English speaking customers is furnished with notices.

Medical certificates
If you or a member of your household has a serious medical condition and your electric service is threatened, you may obtain a medical certificate from a qualified medical professional who provides your health care, such as a licensed physician, nurse practitioner or a physician’s assistant. A newly issued medical certificate will prevent immediate disconnection of your service and requires that you enter into a time payment plan to pay any overdue bill. Medical certificates will not be accepted if your service has been disconnected.

Payment plans
You may select payment plans that will even out your payments over the year. If you are unable to pay your electricity bills and PGE intends to disconnect your service, you may enter into a special payment agreement where you pay the overdue amount over a period of time.

Late charges
You are responsible for paying your electricity bills on time. Under certain circumstances, PGE may add late payment charges to bills not paid on time.

Preferred Due Date
You have the option of selecting a bill due date that gives you more control over when you pay your bill. This plan allows you to change your due date up to two times within a 12-month period giving you flexibility and avoiding late fees and past due notices. The due date of your bill can vary from month to month but will never occur earlier than the date you requested.

Meter access
You are responsible for allowing PGE regular access to the company’s meter on your property. If access is not allowed at reasonable times after receiving reasonable notice, your service may be disconnected.

Resolving disputes
If you have a dispute with PGE that is not resolved by contacting the company, the Consumer Services Section of the OPUC is available to help you. You may call toll-free at 800-522-2404. TTY customers can dial 711 or call 800-735-2900.

Consumer organizations
The OPUC Consumer Services Section maintains a list of organizations that represent customers in matters before the commission. That list is available by calling toll-free, 800-522-2404. TTY customers can dial 711 or call 800-735-2900.

If you have questions about any of this information, please contact PGE. If you do not speak English, please try to arrange in advance for an interpreter to help you. While utilities and the OPUC are sensitive to the special needs of persons who do not speak English, their offices may not have someone available who speaks your primary language.

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