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This link opens a new browser window to Google maps. Located in the Pacific Northwest, Oregon sits on the West Coast United States’, between California and Washington State. Portland General Electric, founded in 1889, serves over 800,000 customers.

At Oregon’s economic center
PGE is the largest investor-owned utility in Oregon, which also has 38 cooperative and municipal utilities and public utility districts. We serve its biggest city — Portland — and Salem, its capital city. Businesses in our territory range from small businesses to multi-national, Fortune 500 companies.

Diverse, reliable power
Across our territory, PGE is committed to providing reliable, responsibly generated power at a reasonable cost. We do that with a mix of six different energy sources. We operate 10 wholly-owned and four jointly-owned hydroelectric, natural gas, coal and wind power plants.

We also own major transmission rights to the Pacific Intertie, the West Coast electrical superhighway. These power exchange lines give us the flexibility to manage our facilities in conjunction with other power supplies so we can provide power to our customers at the lowest price possible.

PGE continues to explore new, sustainable ways to power Oregon’s future. We’re proud that we make electricity in Oregon for Oregonians, providing traditional power employment opportunities and helping to put renewable energy to work here, too.

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