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More than 125,000 PGE customers have joined our program to support local renewable power.

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Green Source℠

For only about $6 a month*, you can go completely renewable. Estimate your costs, then sign in to sign up.

Clean Wind℠

Buy small units of wind power at a set price. Estimate your costs, then sign in to sign up.

Green Future℠ Solar

Our newest renewable program.

Habitat Support

When you sign up for Green Source, Clean Wind or Green Future Solar, you can also support local Nature Conservancy salmon habitat restoration. Sign in to sign up.

Install Solar, Wind & More

Want to generate your own renewable power? We’ll connect you to resources, incentives and tax credits.

It IS easy being green. It IS easy being green!

Use our calculator to estimate your costs to purchase 100 percent renewable power.

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See our Power Choices brochure for a side-by-side comparison of the prices, fuel sources and environmental impacts of all the options PGE offers.