Paperless Bill

Save paper and make managing your bill easier

Go Paperless

How it works

With our convenient Paperless Bill, you receive your bill online and get an email notice letting you know when it’s ready. Going paperless lets you:

  • Get a monthly email with your bill amount
  • View your complete bill online any time
  • View bills going back 36 months
  • Avoid lost or misplaced bills
  • Eliminate the risk of paper bills, which can be stolen from your mailbox, recycling or trash
  • Reduce paper waste
  • Support a sustainable, earth-friendly choice

For ultimate convenience, you can also pay your bill electronically online, sign up for Auto Pay, or pay on-the-go with your phone or tablet using our mobile website.

Try Quick Pay

When you pay your PGE bill online, we can save your bank account information, safely and securely, for future months.

Then, when your next Paperless Bill arrives, just hit the “Quick Pay” button.

There’s no sign in, no re-entering your information — just a few quick clicks and you’re done!

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