PGE Online Account FAQ

Q. Why am I not receiving my email notification for my online bill?

The email from PGE may be getting filtered by your email service provider. Please contact your provider for instructions on how to add to your list of allowed senders.

Q. What is the difference between residential and commercial rates?

Residential rates apply to single-family dwellings, apartments, mobile homes and houseboats. A residential dwelling must contain permanent facilities for sleeping, bathing and cooking.

Commercial rates apply to large or extra facilities (such as a garage, shop or barn) used for business purposes or hobbies, or to storage without permanent facilities for sleeping, bathing and cooking.

Q. What is a prorated bill?

A prorated bill could be issued in one of two situations:

There was a rate change during a billing period; some days in the billing period were billed at the old rate and some were billed at the new rate.

The billing period is more than 34 days or less than 27 days. A regular bill has from 27 to 34 billing days. The prorate will affect only non-electrical charges, like the Basic Charge.

Initial and closing bills are normally prorated since they are more than 34 days or less than 27 days. However, when the first and final bills are contained in a single billing period, what we call a “first and final” bill, it is not prorated. It is billed the full Basic Charge.

Q. When will I receive a response to email sent to PGE?

We generally respond within two business days.

Q. How do I change my email address or password?

Complete and submit the Change Email form with your new email address or the Change Password form with your desired new password.

If you aren’t signed in, you will be prompted to sign in with your current email address and password.

Q. What if I forgot my password?

Complete and submit the Forgot Your Password form with the email address you use when you sign in to PGE’s online services.

Once we verify your email address in our records, we’ll send a temporary password to this address. Generally, you should receive your temporary password within minutes. However, there are some circumstances which could delay email delivery by several hours. We recommend that you change your password the next time you sign in.