How LEDs cut auto dealer’s energy bill

Tonkin Gresham Honda reduces electric bill 30 percent.

PROJECT: Tonkin Family of Dealerships replaced 92 metal halide exterior light fixtures with LED lighting at their Tonkin Gresham Honda dealership. Installed in August 2014, this is just one of 12 LED upgrade projects they’ve completed at their properties.

MOTIVATION: Reduce maintenance and energy costs. LEDs last up to four times longer than metal halides while using 50 to 70 percent less energy.* 

RESULTS: Electric bill dropped 30 percent and maintenance hassles greatly reduced.


  • Installation Cost: $118,752
  • Energy Trust of Oregon Incentive: $42,047
  • Payback: About 2.5 years

CUSTOMER FEEDBACK: “It was a hassle to move a truck out there to replace bulbs and ballasts all the time. And the energy savings made this project a no-brainer. The LEDs are a huge improvement. The quality of light is better — it’s much more like daylight. LED prices have dropped in recent years, so the payback time is way down. With the incentives from Energy Trust of Oregon, it really penciled out. LEDs are the way to go.”
— Torey Mittendorf, project manager, Tonkin Auto Group

Want to know how LED lighting or other energy-efficiency upgrades would pencil out for your business, and how you can cash in on Energy Trust incentives? Contact PGE for a free, no-obligation energy-efficiency consultation.