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Question: I’ve been hearing a lot about the possibility of a big earthquake in Oregon. Has PGE done anything to prepare?

A. Yes! PGE plans and drills not only for storm-caused power outages, but also for larger emergencies such as earthquakes. We work with state and local governments and participate in earthquake emergency drills with the Department of Energy and other regional utilities, such as the April Clear Path exercise and the Cascadia Rising drill this month.

Even with strong preparedness plans in place, if a major earthquake or other serious emergency occurred, it will take time for power and other services to be fully restored.

Are you prepared?

We encourage all of our customers to be prepared for earthquakes and other emergencies. The American Red Cross Ready Rating™ website is a great resource for businesses, schools and organizations. You can use the online tools and videos to measure your preparedness and create an emergency action plan. You’ll improve your ability to withstand disaster, maintain operations and protect lives and property.

Also visit the American Red Cross website to learn about their free earthquake app and to learn how to participate in the Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drill coming in October.