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Q: I see that PGE offers free energy education. Do you have any training for my Spanish-speaking employees?

A: Yes! To reach more business owners and employees, we’re launching a number of our online courses in Spanish as well as English. Here are topics available in both languages:

  • Fundamentals of Energy 1 - Making Electricity
  • Fundamentals of Energy 2 - Measuring Electricity
  • Fundamentals of Energy 3 - Managing Electricity

These online courses are “on demand” — they’re available whenever it’s convenient for you and your employees.

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We’ll have more Spanish online courses coming in September. Watch for these topics, and check our Energy Education Center  for more courses in English.

  • Introduction to Interior Lighting
  • LEDs for Your Business
  • Upgrading Linear Fluorescent Systems
  • Solar Photovoltaic Energy
  • Solar Thermal Energy