The secret to free cooling

Make sure the economizer in your HVAC system is working properly to maximize savings.

An economizer is an aptly named part of a rooftop heating/ventilation/air conditioning system. Essentially, it’s a dampered vent that draws outside air into a building to provide no-cost cooling.

How does an economizer save energy?

When sensors detect outside air temperatures have cooled to a certain point, the economizer’s vents open so fresh outside air can cool your building. It saves you energy and money by reducing the need for air conditioning.

Is your economizer doing its job?

An industry diagnostic survey revealed that an average of 64 percent of economizers failed or required adjustments,* likely because they haven’t been adequately maintained.

Recommendation: Schedule a tune-up now

Do you get regular tune-ups for your car to keep it running smoothly? You need to do the same with your HVAC system. Schedule a twice-a-year maintenance visit with an HVAC contractor to keep your economizer and other components operating as efficiently as possible.

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*Source: New Buildings Institute