6 tips to keep your worksite safe

How to avoid dangerous, costly electrical accidents.

Outdoor electrical safety is important for all businesses, whether you work in construction or excavation, or you’re just landscaping or performing maintenance outside your building. Make sure everyone on your team knows these rules:

  1. Call 811 before you dig. Call at least two full business days in advance to have underground utilities marked.
  2. Beware of power lines! You can’t tell if a line is live just by looking at it. Consider all lines energized and dangerous.
  3. Survey your job site every day to note the location of power lines or other utility equipment.
  4. Look up! Stay at least 10 feet away from all overhead power lines. Keep yourself, ladders and other equipment and materials back. When cranes are involved, keep the crane boom and load at least 20 feet away.
  5. Always have a trained coworker keep watch and guide you to stay clear of overhead lines when you’re operating equipment. The spotter’s only job at this moment is to watch the equipment operator and the position of the equipment in relationship to overhead power lines (they should not be guiding objects into place or doing other tasks that distract attention). Spotters should have adequate training so they can accurately judge distances.
  6. Know what to do if you contact a power line when operating heavy equipment, such as a crane: Stay on the equipment and warn others to stay away. Have someone call 911 and then PGE at 800-544-1795 to report the emergency. Move the equipment away from the line if you can do so safely (not cause the line to break). Otherwise, wait until the line is de-energized by PGE.

Questions about power lines?

Call us if you have any questions about power lines near your site: 800-544-1795.