That’s a great question: Seismic upgrades

Glad you asked. Here’s our answer.

Question: What has PGE done to prepare for the possibility of an earthquake?

A. Shake, rattle and we’ll still be ready to roll. That's the goal behind the seismic upgrades we’ve been making at PGE.

We want to increase resiliency and reliability in the face of an earthquake, so we’re taking steps to strengthen our energy generation, transmission and distribution facilities. Here are a few examples:

We have already:

  • Reinforced site foundations at our Port Westward generation plants with a massive network of columns to minimize damage from liquefaction (when the ground becomes fluid-like during an earthquake) in the upper 40 feet of ground.
  • Anchored down all substation transformers for additional stability during earthquakes.

Now we’re working on these projects:

  • Restructuring powerhouses (the buildings that house the generators) at our Clackamas River hydropower plants to meet seismic standards. The dams at these plants were upgraded in the 1990s.
  • Retrofitting all of our facilities where line crew trucks and equipment are housed so the buildings better withstand shaking.

Is your business prepared?

Make sure your organization is safe and ready for an earthquake or major emergency. The Ready Rating™ program from the American Red Cross is a free service that helps businesses, schools and organizations become prepared for disasters and other emergencies.