Church sings praises of new LEDs

Lighting improvements and big savings start with a free PGE consultation.

At Sonrise Church in Hillsboro, the outdated lighting both inside and in the parking lot of the 55,000-square foot facility caused multiple challenges, including high energy use, poor light quality and constant maintenance headaches. Brent MacLeod, facilities director for the church, knew there had to be a better way.

Solution starts with PGE consultation

A simple, free energy consultation with PGE started the ball rolling on an LED upgrade. We explained there are LED replacements for nearly every type of light.

Triple benefits

Compared to the church’s existing lighting, the LEDs would:

  • slash energy use
  • offer better light quality
  • last years longer

We also connected MacLeod with Pacific Lamp Wholesale, an Energy Trust of Oregon contractor. They showed him how the project could financially pencil out with Energy Trust incentives.

Armed with this information, the church moved forward with the lighting project. MacLeod reported they are very happy with the completed project.

“We have better lighting all around and the energy savings are very good. The incentives really helped,” said MacLeod. “The project was definitely worth it.”  

Project numbers

  • Energy savings: 69 percent
  • Cost savings: $6,444 yearly
  • Project cost: $22,444
  • Energy Trust cash incentives: $11,178
  • Final cost: $11,266
  • Payback: 1.7 years
  • Return on investment after incentives: 57 percent

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