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Savings are in the bag

Easy LED project gives Gresham shop lower energy bills and a brighter look.

Customers at Accent on Attitude, a handbag and accessory store in Gresham, are asking owner Judy Wylie if she recently painted or installed new carpet. They’re surprised when she tells them it’s her new LED lighting.

“Everything looks much brighter. It just brought the place to life,” Judy says. “The colors really pop, and they look more true to life, which is important when you’re matching scarves and handbags.”

While improved light quality is a tremendous benefit, saving money was the primary motivator. So she’s pleased that her electric bill has dropped about $100 a month — which is more than she anticipated.

Free PGE consultation starts the ball rolling

A quick, free consultation with PGE Energy Expert Chris Walker helped Judy see just how easy and affordable a complete lighting upgrade could be. He pointed her to cash incentives from Energy Trust and connected her with a contractor she could trust.

Smart investment even for leased space

Judy leases her 1,300-square-foot shop, yet she believes investing in new lighting was worth it. 

“In retail, it’s important for your product to look its best, and you want costs down and a good work environment — the LEDs did it all.”

Savings summary

  • Energy savings: 83 percent
  • Estimated cost savings: $940 yearly
  • Project cost: $2,520
  • Energy Trust cash incentives: $589
  • Net project cost: $1,931
  • Payback: 1.7 years
  • Return on investment after incentives: 58 percent