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3 top locations for LED lighting

That’s a great question. Thanks for asking.

Q. Where are the best places to use LED lighting?

A. You may have heard about the advantages of LED lighting: You can save up to 75 percent and go years without changing a bulb*. But you may not know all the ways LEDs can work in your business.

Our Energy Experts say there are LEDs for nearly any type of fixture, and these three settings are sure bets:

  • Offices: Replace recessed-can lighting and fluorescent ceiling fixtures with LEDs for terrific savings and light quality.
  • Retail spaces: Put LEDs in track and recessed-can fixtures to save energy and also highlight merchandise with better-quality light.
  • Buildings with high ceilings: In warehouses, manufacturing facilities, large retail stores, gyms and similar areas with high-bay lighting, change out the fluorescent and metal halide lights to LEDs for savings and better visibility with no flickering or warm-up.

Get cash back

Learn more about how LED lighting can brighten your business and dramatically reduce your energy costs, plus how to get cash incentives from Energy Trust of Oregon.