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I want to make my business as sustainable as possible. If I choose renewable power from PGE, does it really make a difference?

A. Yes, through our Green FutureSM program it’s easy to make your business greener and encourage the development of renewable power in the Northwest. When you enroll in our Green Future program, we purchase renewable energy, such as wind and solar, from nearby renewable energy facilities in an amount equal to your purchase. By demonstrating your demand for renewable power, you vote with your dollars and encourage future development.

Already, more than 175,000 PGE customers have signed up, and for just a few dollars extra a month, your business can, too. It’s a great way to have a real impact on the environment, build a better future for all and connect with your customers who share the same vision.

You have a choice of local renewable power options through Green Future

  • Green SourceSM: 100 percent of your monthly usage is purchased from renewable sources.
  • Clean WindSM: Select wind power in 200-kilowatt-hour units. It’s an easy, economical way to encourage more wind power development.

Learn more and enroll.

What’s in the mix? 2017 2018
Actual Mix Projected Mix Generation Locations
Green Source (100 percent of your monthly usage is offset with renewable sources.) New biomass 3% 4% Northwest
New geothermal 1% 1% Northwest
New hydro 1% 1% Northwest
New solar 21% 24% Northwest
New wind 74% 70% Northwest
Clean Wind (200 kilowatt-hour units.) New wind 100% 100% Northwest
Green Future Solar (1 kW block of solar. Note: This option currently sold out.) Solar 100% 100% Oregon