Our best tips for a cool workplace

Take action now to maximize comfort and savings this summer.

If your business is too hot, productivity can suffer and customers won’t linger. But over-cooling can eat up your energy budget. Follow these steps to improve the efficiency of your cooling system:

  • Get a tune-up: Your first step should be to schedule an HVAC maintenance check-up to correct any problems and keep your HVAC system running as efficiently as possible.
  • Choose a higher temp at closing: It depends on your equipment, but it’s usually better to raise the temperature overnight or when your business is closed to save energy. Don’t raise it more than 10 degrees or turn it off completely. That way, your building can cool down easily again in the morning.
  • Pre-cool overnight: If your system has an economizer, run it on cool nights before predicted hot days. The economizer saves energy by running fans to draw in cool outside air — without turning on the air conditioning.
  • Use a control system: Automated controls make temperature adjustments a snap: Set it and forget it!
  • Contact us for a free energy consultation: Our Energy Experts help you maximize savings while keeping your business cool and comfortable.