Your new PGE account number: part of a better system

That’s a great question. Thanks for asking.

Q. I just learned that I got a new PGE account number. Do I need to do anything?

We recently upgraded to a new billing system to bring you updated account management features, new payment options and the latest cybersecurity protection. As part of this upgrade, you now have a new PGE account number, which you can find on your bill and when you log in to your account online.

What this means for your monthly payments

Depending on how you pay your bill, you may need to take a small step or do nothing at all:

  • Pay through your bank’s online bill-pay system? You will need to share your new PGE account number with your bank.
  • Pay by check? Just include your bill stub with your payment, and we will post it to your new account number.
  • On PGE Auto Pay? No action is needed. Your payment will automatically be applied to your new account number.
  • Pay on our website or through our self-service phone system? There’s nothing you need to do; your one-time payment will automatically be posted to your new account number.

Better tools, better service

Why did we change our billing system? It’s all about finding better ways to power your day. This new billing system allows us to be more efficient and effective — so when you reach out to our customer service team, we can better answer your questions and connect you to the information you want.

The new technology will also help us meet your changing needs and continue to keep your personal information safe by following the latest cybersecurity guidelines.

Learn more about our billing system upgrade.