5 facts to keep your team safe

Do you know what to do if a storm brings down power lines?

We care about your safety. Make sure you and your employees know what to do — and not to do — if you see a downed utility line this winter.

FACT: If you see a downed or sagging utility line, keep your distance! Stay far away and call PGE immediately: 503-464-7777 in Portland, or 800-544-1795.

FACT: A line doesn’t have to spark to be hazardous. Assume any downed line is live and dangerous — even lines that look insulated.

FACT: You should never touch a fallen tree, branch or anything else that is on or near a power line. Water, metal, branches, concrete or other materials can conduct electricity from a wire to you.

FACT: If a person is in contact with electricity, don’t touch them! Stay back and call 911! If you try to help them, you could be electrocuted.

FACT: If a wire falls on your car, you should stay in the vehicle until help arrives and power is cut off. You’re safer inside because the tires insulate you from the electricity; you could be electrocuted if you get out and touch the ground and car at the same time. If you must get out of the car because it’s on fire, act like a bunny: Jump clear of the car with both feet together, then shuffle far away.

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