It pays to be an Energy Partner

Here’s a customizable way to generate revenue, meet sustainability goals and manage energy costs.

Energy PartnerSM is our new, flexible program for businesses that pays you to reduce or shift some of your energy use for a few hours when energy demand is high, such as hot summer or cold winter days.

Use the latest smart energy technology to your advantage

With Energy Partner, you can:

  • Earn money by shifting your energy use
  • Get paid monthly — even if there are no events
  • Boost your sustainability
  • Access your real-time energy information to better manage your energy usage

A brighter energy future for everyone

In addition to the big benefits for you, here’s why Energy Partner is important: If everyone uses a little less energy during high-demand times, it decreases the need for us to buy more expensive power to meet that demand. That helps keep energy prices lower for everyone and helps create a cleaner energy future for Oregon.

Understanding your unique needs

Dozens of local companies of all sizes and industries have worked with us to develop simple, creative energy-shifting strategies that make a difference without impacting their operations. Even small changes like temporarily shifting HVAC settings for a few hours can make a difference. You decide what works for your business with this extremely flexible program.

See our Energy Partner video and learn more.