LEDs are the right fix for repair shop

Upgrade reduces lighting costs 80% at iParts & Phone repair


Can new lighting really pay off for a small business, especially if you lease your space? Just ask Kyle Anderson, manager and part owner of iParts & Phone Repair in Gresham.

“It’s definitely a good move,” said Anderson, who significantly reduced his lighting costs through an LED upgrade.

It all started when he signed up for a free energy-efficiency consultation with PGE in 2017 and was chosen as one of one of 10 winners in our business lighting sweepstakes. The prize covered up to $1,000 of an energy-efficiency upgrade.

PGE put him in touch with an Energy Trust of Oregon trade ally contractor that quickly installed highly efficient LED lighting to replace fluorescent tube fixtures, halogen track lighting and incandescent exit signs.

Better light quality

The LEDs will last years longer than the old lighting, reducing maintenance hassles. They also offer improved lighting quality that helps Anderson excel at his job.

“The old light was kind of yellow. But now it’s easier to see my work and make repairs,” he said.

Quick return on investment

But the biggest advantage is how much the business will save. Even without the sweepstakes prize, the energy savings covered the cost of upgrades in less than two years.

“If you’re paying the electric bill, you might as well switch out the lights to save energy and money,” Anderson said.

How the project pencils out

  • Project cost: $1,139
  • Energy Trust cash incentives: $188
  • Final cost: $951
  • (Sweepstakes prize covered these costs)
  • Annual energy savings: $639
  • Annual maintenance savings: $54
  • Total annual savings: $693
  • Payback: 1.4 years
  • Return on investment after incentives: 73 percent

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