Your renewable dollars stay local

By supporting Green FutureSM you’re investing in renewable development projects right here at home.


More than 70 highly trained volunteers from Banks Fire District #13 provide fire and rescue services to the Banks, Buxton and Timber communities. They respond to more than 700 calls each year, ranging from cardiac emergencies to wildfires. With help from PGE’s Green Future Renewable Development Fund — which is directly supported by Green Future customers — the fire station now has solar panels on its Main Street rooftop that provide up to 78% of the station’s energy.

“Budgets are always tight. Any savings goes back into training, equipment or other upgrades. The solar panels will now give us 90,000 kWh of clean power each year, which is a tremendous savings. They help us serve the patrons of our district and are a great example for others,” said Rodney Linz, Banks fire chief.

Banks’ fire station is just one of many projects supported by PGE customers who have chosen one of our Green Future renewable power options. Their contributions have helped fund more than 8 MW of new renewable energy generation currently installed in Oregon, with another 3 MW under construction.

If you’d like to encourage more local renewable energy generation, and make your business greener, join the Green Future program.