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Try our tips to stay cool & save now

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Q. How can I keep my business comfortable in hot weather without my energy bills going crazy?

A. Last year, there were almost 30 days in August and September when the temperature was above 80 degrees. So it’s likely the hot weather isn’t over yet, and you still have plenty of opportunity to save energy while keeping cool. Here are some money-saving steps to try:

  • Use a smart thermostat to automatically adjust the temperature according to building use and occupancy. Also, check out our Energy Partner Smart Thermostat program and earn money back.
  • Check HVAC filters every month and clean or replace them when dirty. This helps keep your HVAC system running efficiently.
  • Use fans to delay or reduce the need for cooling.
  • Install window shades, awnings or low-cost reflective film to block the heat from summer sun.
  • Turn off computers, electronic equipment and lights when not in use. They add to heat build-up in your building when they are on.
  • Switch to LED lighting. It doesn’t give off heat like halogen or incandescent lighting and it uses a lot less energy. Energy Trust of Oregon offers cash incentives for qualifying LED projects — including limited-time bonus incentives on high- or low-bay LEDs, exterior LEDs or occupancy sensors.

Looking for more ways to save energy and money? Contact us for a free, energy-efficiency consultation. We’ll give you get custom recommendations tailored to your business and explain how to get Energy Trust cash incentives.