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Help your budget with these energy savers

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Q. I’m budget planning for 2020 and looking for ways to trim business expenses. How can my company keep energy costs in check this winter?

A. Management consultant Peter Drucker said, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.”

So a great place to start managing your energy costs is with Energy Trackersm, our free energy-monitoring tool. Use Energy Tracker on your computer or mobile phone to compare bills and see exactly when and how your business uses energy. Track usage in as little as 15-minute increments and learn ways to save.

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For energy-saving ideas customized to your business, contact us for a free energy-efficiency consultation.

Here are other easy-to-implement energy savers that could benefit your organization:

  • Install smart thermostats to automatically adjust the temperature according to building use and occupancy.
  • Consider our free Energy Partner program, which gives you free smart thermostats, free installation and cash rewards.
  • Switch to LED lighting and lighting controls like occupancy sensors to dramatically reduce lighting costs. Lighting is one of the biggest energy users in many businesses.
  • Reduce water heating to 120 degrees.
  • Turn off lights, computers and other electronics when not in use for extended periods.
  • For manufacturing, replace old motors with high-efficiency models, install variable-speed drives on motors if full power is not always required, and optimize compressed air systems and repair air leaks.