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Tips to minimize storm disruption

We want to help you be ready if the power goes out

We regularly update and strengthen the energy grid to help ensure safe, reliable power. But severe weather can still sometimes trigger power outages. If the lights go out, we’re ready to swing into action and restore power as quickly as safety allows. Here’s how you can be ready, too:

Know how to report an outage

Plan your outage response

Walk through a plan with key employees. Think about things like surge protection, electronic door locks, emergency lighting, cash register backups and generators.

Prep an outage kit

Make sure employees know where to find the kit. Include:
  • Flashlights and extra batteries
  • Car chargers for mobile phones, tablets or laptops
  • Emergency phone numbers, including the PGE outage number

Learn more about how to prepare your business.

Share these safety tips with your team

See a downed line?

Stay back! Call PGE immediately at 503-464-7777 or 800-544-1795. Remember: A line doesn’t have to spark to be live and dangerous.

If a person is in contact with electricity, don’t touch them!

Call 911. If you try to help them, you could be electrocuted.

If a wire falls on your car, stay in the vehicle until help arrives and power is cut off.

You’re safer in the car because the tires insulate you from electricity. You could be electrocuted if you get out and touch the ground and car at the same time. If you must get out because the car is on fire, jump clear of the car with both feet together, then shuffle far way.