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We’re driving EVS to reach a clean energy future

The future of transportation is electric. Electrifying vehicles reduces air pollution, improving the air quality in our communities.


To help encourage more EVs, we’re building public charging infrastructure. We’re also working to decarbonize the entire PGE fleet of almost 1,100 vehicles. Already, we have dozens of EVs and plug-in hybrids, along with numerous electric forklifts and carts. Our EVs have been driven more than 412,000 miles so far.

By electrifying our own fleet, we can prove what’s possible with EVs. This is just one of the ways we’re reducing our carbon emissions and increasing our sustainability.

As we transition to an electric fleet, we’re completing a study to identify the challenges and opportunities. Then we’ll share what we learn so that others can follow in our path more easily. Together, we can all make an enormous impact on Oregon’s clean energy future.

Learn more at Full Clean Ahead.