Portland Fire & Rescue saves lives

Now they’re saving energy and money, too.

When Portland Fire & Rescue wanted to save some energy and money, PGE came to their rescue. Through our Energy PartnerSM  program, we’ve installed well over a hundred smart thermostats at 29 Fire Bureau locations around the Portland metro area. And it’s paying off big time.

Just last summer, the fire department earned $5,700 by letting their new thermostats automatically adjust during times of peak energy demand. The savings provide a new revenue stream for Portland Fire & Rescue that goes directly back into operations at the fire stations.

“Smart thermostats not only help us meet the City’s sustainability goals, they’re great for managing our energy consumption on limited resources,” says Portland Fire Chief Sara Boone. With PGE’s Energy Partner program, your business can get free smart thermostats, free installation and ongoing cash back just like Portland Fire & Rescue.

Are you ready to save energy and money at your business? Get started by visiting our Energy Partner page or call an Energy Partner specialist at 855-218-8816.