Discovering a tasty way to save energy and money

Energy Partner program helps Lovejoy Bakers save energy and money.

There’s more going on at Lovejoy Bakers than serving up delicious pastries. When you look beyond the baked goodies, you’ll discover substantial energy savings.

Ajay Narayan, co-owner of Lovejoy Bakers, scored a pretty tasty deal with PGE’s Energy Partner program. He was able to get smart thermostats installed for free. But the savings didn’t stop there. With the new thermostats installed, his energy bill has dropped about 40%, saving him several hundred dollars a month.

Co-owners Paresh Warke and Ajay Narayan

“A little over a year ago we started discussing ways to go green and reduce our energy bill at the bakery,” said Narayan. Narayan will also earn $60 per thermostat, twice a year, for participating in the easy, customizable program, which helps create a cleaner energy future for Oregon.

“PGE was great to partner with, installing multiple smart thermostats for free. These units have saved us a lot of money.” He added, “Savings we needed, especially in times like this.”

Discover how your business can save money with a free smart thermostat on our Energy Partner page or by contacting an Energy Partner specialist at 877-759-7510.