PGE linemen pitch in for Suriname

Project helps train and equip linemen in developing countries.

Working around power lines and other electrical equipment can be very dangerous. That’s why PGE and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 125 have joined together to train fellow linemen in the South American country of Suriname, where safety standards and training are almost nonexistent. They’re also donating used but still useful safety gear.

It’s all part of a project started by Brady Hansen, a lineman from Spokane, Wash. after he saw the need when visiting Suriname and Haiti.

Our employees have donated lineman boots, gloves, fire-retardant clothing, safety glasses, climbing belts, hooks and fall-protection harnesses. PGE has also contributed money to the effort.

Earlier this fall, PGE linemen Joel Wallace and Luis Ochoa used their vacation time to travel to Suriname with Hansen to deliver the safety equipment and help train the linemen there.