Take the chill off your bill!

Discover an easy way to keep your electric bill in check this season.

What causes electric bills to climb during colder months, and how can you stay on top of your bill before it gets out of hand? We have answers.

Winter high-bill triggers

First, here are a few common causes of higher bills this time of year:

  • Colder weather means heating runs more often
  • Lack of insulation and weatherization
  • Leaky heating ducts
  • Lights on longer because of shorter, darker days
  • Long showers (who wants to get out of a nice, hot shower on a cold day?)
  • Holiday houseguests and students home for winter break, which means more showers and laundry
  • Extra holiday cooking
  • Old holiday lights (switch to LEDs!)

Text or email alerts help you stay on top of your bill

You can be in the know, even on the go! When you sign up to get bill alerts via text or email, you can:

  • See how much electricity you use each week, and get an estimate of your next bill.
  • Get notified if your bill hits a dollar amount you’ve set.
  • Avoid bill surprises. Alerts give you the power to take action immediately — like turning off lights or lowering the thermostat — to control your costs.

Sign into your account to set up alerts.