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Why does PGE spend time and money on fish and wildlife projects? How does that relate to electricity?

Our power plant licenses require us to help preserve and protect fish and wildlife habitat in the rivers and on the lands affected by our generating plants. We have highly trained fish and wildlife biologists who lead our efforts.

However, it’s more than regulatory obligations that drive our environmental stewardship. We live here too, and we care about the environment and recreational opportunities just like other Oregonians. Protecting natural resources is also part of our commitment to sustainability.

Some work we do directly, and some we fund through nonprofits or other organizations.

Our wide range of projects includes:

  • Improving our hydroelectric facilities to bolster water quality and fish survival.
  • Restoring fish and wildlife habitats.
  • Retrofitting power lines, poles and other structures to reduce the risk to hawks and other birds that like to perch and nest on the equipment.

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