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Easy savings project: Install a Nest

Learn how to install a Nest Learning Thermostat and start saving!

Nest is one of the “smart” thermostats now on the market. It automatically adapts as your life and seasons change to help you save energy. It’s an easy project you could tackle this weekend.

Keep cool, earn cash

Need another reason to upgrade your thermostat? PGE has teamed up with Nest and Energy Trust of Oregon to help you save energy and earn cash with Nest and PGE Rush Hour Rewards. You can also get a $50 cash incentive from Energy Trust. Learn more.

Before you buy

Nest works in most homes, but it’s a good idea to check before your purchase. To make sure your wiring setup will work with the Nest thermostat, use the compatibility checker at Nest.

Installation in about 30 minutes

It’s easy to install the Nest Thermostat. Everything you need comes in the box. And it’s quick — most people install it in 30 minutes or less. Need help? You can call Nest 24/7.

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Turn off power at your breaker box
  2. Remove old thermostat
  3. Install Nest base
  4. Connect the wires
  5. Attach Nest display
  6. Turn power back on
  7. Follow set-up instructions that appear on your new Nest

Watch the short installation video for more details.

Already have a Nest?

If you already have a ducted heat pump or central air conditioning and a Nest Thermostat, you’re ready to start earning Rush Hour Rewards.